Tuesday 6 August 2013

Pretty glitter toes

So I'm all for a bit of DIY and today I made my own glitter polish, and I'm in love it's cheap and easy to do. 

All you need is an old makeup brush. Clear polish and some glitter. 

Simply paint a base cote on your nails then dab the brush in the glitter and dab on wet clear polish. 

Might require a couple of coats. But it's super effective and lasts too. 

Finish off with 2 clear coats of polish to seal the glitter and voila. At home disco nails 

 I brought the glitter for another project. But it worked perfectly and was from eBay for £1.99 delivered for that massive bag ! 

Well worth it and now I have pretty toes. 

Love Aimee 


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