Monday 19 August 2013

Eat to Smooth Fine Lines

It is crucial to fight damage to you skin by eating the right foods to nourish and protect the cells.

1 - Avocado
Avocado is great for Vitamin E, we slather it on our skin but we need to eat it too! Avocado is fully packed with all the good stuff, it helps to keep skin plump and helps protect it against skin damage!
2 - Citrus Fruit.
Amazing source of Vitamin C, your body needs this to product structural protein collagen, and keeps you looking youthful.
3- Tuna.
Full of selenium perfect for protecting skin cells against free radical damage and preserves collagen fibres to keep your skin line free.
White carbs, we all know they really are not the best thing for you as they are refined and full of simple sugars. The worse thing is they actually fuse the collagen and elastin in your skin so it looses elasticity, causing lines and wrinkles - switch to wholegrain instead!
Love Aimee

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