Tuesday 13 August 2013

End of the Summer DIY Party Ideas

Although most of the western world goes on holiday during the latter half of summer, August is still a wonderful time to throw a lovely outdoor party where you can showcase your creativity and culinary skills. From delicious seasonal fruits and veggies to gorgeous flowers, there are an array of summer items you can incorporate in your party’s themes and decorations. In addition to the assortment of DIY party ideas available, there are a number of simple, yet tasty, foods you can easily craft yourself. Here are a few unconventional party themes and decorations that’ll inspire you to throw a cool end of summer bash that your guests are sure to enjoy.

Uncomplicated DIY Decorations

Whether your party is garden themed or centers on something offbeat like pirates, remember to include your theme in your decorations by using your artistic talents to craft creative place settings with the names of your party attendees on place tags and veggies or fruits from your garden used as table centerpieces. Integrate your theme in as many components of your party as possible, including your invitations, foods, and flatware. Don’t forget to encourage your guests to dress to scale or according to your party’s theme.

Delicious DIY Treats

The best thing about hosting a summer party is that you can get away with serving light treats and easy to bake sweets. Include unique recipes along with standard summer party fare like different cheeses and meats or get super creative and concoct your own small dishes. If baking and making desserts is more your thing, you have some tasty options when it comes to cool, summer treats. Keep in mind to keep your refreshments light and bake small bites like cake pops, sweet pretzels with different dipping sauces, and s’mores drizzled in caramel and chocolate sauce. Don’t forget to mix in elements of summer in your foods and beverages with summer goodie like shot-glass parfaits and homemade gelato and ice cream. Overwhelmed by all your options? Go with a dessert buffet, which is becoming a staple at weddings, so you showcase your baking talents and give your guests an assortment of dessert options. Be sure to pick up wines and any other party snacks that complement your theme and foods at your local M&S.

Fresh DIY Cocktails

For those of us who reside in the UK, there are a number of fruits and veggies in bloom to choose from during the summer season. This host of summer berries and fruits make for excellent goodies that can be tossed in your juicer to make delicious cocktails and other beverages for your summer get-together. From succulent mangos to sweet fruits like cherries or blueberries, there is a myriad of summer fruits that can be mixed together to make juice-infused beverages for any party. If you’re new to juicing, start with something simple and uncomplicated such as a mix berry juice recipe that integrates boysenberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Don’t just stick to the classic, mixed fruit cocktail—craft your own summer-influenced fruit drinks.

Enjoy Summer

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