Thursday 7 July 2016

PARENTING: Step into reading books

I found these beauties of amazon and I have to say they are my number one choice of books for Autumn at present. 
They come in stages 1-5 and all different characters from Disney to Barbie. Something to suit every child out there. 

We use these as a special gift for Autumn if she manages to fill up her sticker chart. 
She has two.
A weekly one and a monthly one. 
The weekly is broken down to days and she gets a sticker if she completes something without a tantrum or does something extra ordinary. And of she is caught being badly behaved she looses a sticker and we explain why we have removed one. 

Our home is definitely good parent bad parent (my husbands a walk over wet blanket) love him dearly but Autumn definitely knows how to get what she wants with him. 
These books are a huge incentive for Autumn we make a huge thing of it on a Sunday after church to go through Amazon together and pick her book to get next Sunday if her chart is 75% full. 

The books are never over £5.00 and generally around the £2.50/£3.50 mark. 

Our little collection so far includes

Disney frozen hello Olaf (step 1)
Disney Pixar cars 2 secret agent mater (step 1)
Disney princesses jewels for a princess (step 2)
Nickelodeon paw patrol chase is on the case (step 2) 

Both the paw Patrol and Olaf books come with stickers which we use for the charts. 

I read them at bed time and we spend a couple hours a week reading together. 

She really loves them and works hard during the week to get her new book. 

Highly recommended and on and search for step into reading. 

Have you got any from the collection? Of so I would love to hear what ones you would recommend. 

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