Tuesday 5 July 2016

PARENTING: I'm a Huggies Brand Ambassador

Ok so this moment iv equally been excited and scared about has arrived Autumn is fully ready to take on potty training (I am however not so sure I'm ready). 
Leaving the world of nappies stirs up a mixture of emotions she isn't my baby any more she's a real life little human being and she's growing up so fast I'm scared to blink 
We have artfully and strategically placed Potties all over the house in a hope they will be used for more than for her dolls to make potty. 

Autumns 3, she loves pink and all things girly and her BFF is wyatt. She also love stickers and dislikes many many things but hopefully potty training will be on the like list. She is showing serious interest however we have had many many many accidents. 
Latest was in bed so bow the mattress is being fumigated. 

So now I need a mattress protector or practice tarpaulin or incontinence pads.... Failing that a new mattress. 

Autumn is just like her daddy, feisty, strong willed and knows her own mind. All of which will make for an interesting read whilst giving me a run for my money as well as my sanity however that's been hanging in the balance for a while now.  

So I am so happy to be a Huggies® Pull-Ups® ambassador along with some amazing fellow bloggers and Vloggers

Susanne – GhostWriterMummy
Gemma – My Mills Baby
Kaye – Hello Archie
ReneĆ© – Mummy Tries
Kara – Chelsea Mamma
Rachel – The L’s Mum
Chloe – Life Unexpected

As Huggies® Pull-Ups® ambassadors we’re be bringing you our personal journey our joys, triumphs, mishaps and miss fortunes through writing and Video. In sure there will be many hallmark ours moments along the way as well as some grey hair and tears shed. 
I am however feeling positive because every step of my journey huggies will be behind me helping me and autumn work our way to a dry future. 
Huggies have a 6 steps to potty success 
The process has been brought together with huggies and Dr Heather Wittenberg. 

This is such an amazing journey for Autumn and I to take and a vacant wait for you to be there with is laughing and crying along the way. 

Something you cannot miss for anyone already on their way and battling like a queen through potty training Huggies are currently on offer at Asda 

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  1. Good luck with the potty training , I have know people to use puppy pads on the mattress of a night !!#weekendblogshare