Wednesday 6 July 2016

LIFESTYLE: Some picture from 2016 I love so far

Iv been studying hard and have 9 weeks left then ok back to full time blogging. I just want to share some photos iv taken that really make my day. 
And now normality can commence and let the blogging begin


my gorgeous princess trying on wigs


me and my hubby at a wedding and my little mermaid

playing Doc Mcstuffins and my step dad

these two are my two main squeezes, Luna and  Zeke
and I am so happy to have their mummy in my life.

I love to look at my shoes (back tops me wearing them)
by wow they look amazing all sat in a row

First time out and about on her scooter with new helmet for safety
only fell off a couple of times

Meeting her Princess hero!

My daughter wondering what I'm doing at a friends wedding in April

I like to put my museum shoes on every now and again

My Step dad always looks out for me this was a great mothers day.

Love Aimee 


  1. such adorable photos! #weekendblogshare

  2. Oh these photos are lovely. Your daughter looks like the cutest. I love the look she was giving you in the duck face selfie! Kids are great for keeping us grounded! Good luck with the last of your study and thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

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  4. These are all lovely photos! Your daughter looks just like you X