Saturday 16 July 2016

PARENTING: Potty Training Journey With Huggies Pull-Ups

Hello Lovelies!

Thanks for joining me in my first proper Vlog! its in association with Huggies Pull-Ups as I am very luck to be a brand ambassador for them. You have no idea how excited Autumn and I are!

please check out our first brand ambassador post right here

This Vlog was exciting and scary all at once, however I do hope you enjoy it.

This is a wonderful journey Autumn is so ready to start and already she is powering through it, I can't wait to share all out moments with you!

Autumn is beyond excited and enthusiastic about starting this new part of her life, she feels super grown up and is so far doing really well with the timer. 

We have some great footage of us since this amazing video which we hope you enjoy as much as we did.

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This will be a big journey as my baby becomes a little girl which is truly exciting for me but also heart breaking as she is my only child at present and its such a big transition for me more than anything.

she is so excited to be growing bigger and being a big girl.

for all your potty training needs go to

*I am receiving payment for my role as a Huggies ambassador but all words and opinions are my own.*

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  1. I loveed this post and the vlog! Your little girl is the absolute cutest xxx