Wednesday 16 September 2015

GUEST POST: Update Your Makeup Look: So Glam We Can't Stand It

‘What goes around comes around’ goes the saying and it is definitely true, at least when it comes to fashion and makeup trends. What is considered fashionable and popular differs from season to season and from decade to decade (remember silver eye shadows from early 2000s?), but there are also trends which never grow old.

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Timeless trend and an epitome of glamour: red lips and liquid eyeliner.

Do the eyes

Getting that perfect line on your upper eyelids can seem like mission impossible, but you can easily do it if you have some patience. Get comfortable in front of your mirror and find a way to set your elbow on a flat surface so you will get a steady hand.

To get the best line, draw a row of dashes or dots on your lid, and simply play the game of connect-the-dots. Small, slow strokes are the best for this step, and when you’re finished take another look and fill in any blanks that might be left between your lashes and the eyeliner. Before you apply the eyeliner, put on your eye shadow, but wait with applying mascara until the eyeliner is done.

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All eyes on your lips

Prior to applying lipstick, you should know which red best complements your skin tone so you can find it and try it out. For those with light skin the perfect choice is cool, blue-based red, and for those with medium skin orangey shades are best. On the other hand, if you have dark skin or a nice tan, choose red with a touch of brown which will emphasize caramel hints of your complexion.

For your lipstick to last longer on your lips, apply it with a lip brush and use a lip liner (the colour of lipstick and lip liner should match). Using your lip liner outside your lip line to get the impression of bigger, fuller lips is not recommended since it almost always looks unnatural. If you really want fuller lips, opt for lip enhancement instead, it will look natural.
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Steal the look
When speaking of Hollywood glamour, you simply cannot forget Marilyn Monroe and her irresistible sex appeal enhanced with red lipstick. Today, everyone seems to be into this vintage look: Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, and many more.
When they need to look sexy and sophisticated, they opt for glamour of past times. What is more, the singer Gwen Stefani wears this look during daytime as well; whenever she wants to look irresistible and on point. So it’s up to you: thick, dramatic liner like Adele, Scarlett Johansson’s beloved winged eyeliner, or Dita Von Teese’s signature cat eye; it’s all about glam.
Glamour that can be seen on movie premieres or award winnings is ready for you to pull off any day. It doesn’t matter if you’re after that glamorous red carpet look Hollywood movie and pop stars wear these days, or you’re into a softer variation of it you can wear every day – bold red lips and dramatic eyes are the right choice.
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  1. Love the eyeliner inspiration very inspiring x

    1. its gorgeous isn't it, I am vey lucky to have Sophia write for me on this occasion.

  2. This is the look I always try for.... but I find it incredibly hard to join those dots!! Doesn't stop me trying though! Loving the inspirational pictures - goals! x

    Laura | Loved By Laura

  3. Amazing post! I adore the old Hollywood glam, these looks are so sophisticated and gracious <3 Love, love, love it! x

  4. Love love love all of these looks! Red lips and blonde hair is an incredible combo - why did I have to be born brunette?!