Tuesday 22 September 2015

EVENT : BLFW Bloggers Love Fashion Week

So sorry for the delay in sharing these amazing memories with you from the Bloggers love fashion week even which took place in London at the beginning of September. It's taken me so long because I took so many photos I had to take my time to go through them edit and compile into collages so you can see as much of the event as possible. 

BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

I was rush trying to get my daughter to her first day at nursery and she was in hysterics so it set me back in my schedule but it was worth it to comfort her and wish her luck with lots of kisses. I was then running behind by just under an hour right up until I had to locate parking which was a long stressful drawn out process. But I finally found the prime parking location brushed my self off tried to de fluster and realised as I got to the entrance of the event I wasn't wearing an ounce of makeup. 

BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

I walked in and it was an amazing bustling atmosphere, the day was split in two and as I drove I chose to attend both the day and the evening which as I was an hour and a half late made it worthwhile. So in the last hour I had of the first session I tried to run to all the brands and introduce myself and lead as much as I was able to. 

BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

It was very overwhelming and there was gorgeous cupcakes and free healthy drinks to try. I found a lot of the brand to be super kind and chatty with the odd exception. Even though it was a gifting lounge the brands were picking and choosing who they felt they wanted their products to go to, which is of course their prerogative but can be upsetting to any bloggers who were not able to get anything.

I was lucky and got a couple of gorgeous items which I am going to write about in a follow up post. 

Having turned up on my own and not knowing anyone I was super relieved to see the friendly face of a fellow #30plusblog collective member Hayley and we went for lunch together during the break. 

They had a large and diverse amount of brands to talk to which was great as well as a fashion show. 

Magnitone BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

This really excites me, I was booked in for an on the day facial but due to the therapist becoming ill it was cancelled which was a little sad for me, however I was gifted one song get to try it out in my own gone forever ! The company itself is filled with amazing knowledge filled staff who are so approachable and friendly. They answered all my questions and we're happy to invest their time in me at the event. 

True Brit London BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

True Brit London
Not only am I in love with the packaging the colours and the design of this nail polish brand but I am highly impressed in its durability and colour collection. I was fortunate enough have a really long and exceptionally informative chat with the owners of this brand and really look forward to seeing them grow. I age swatches and a review coming in the next week keep your eyes peeled. They were also doing mini manicures on the day. 

Miligo BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

Again another company I am so very impressed with, they took the time to too and actually chat to me give me information about their company and this is proof of fantastic customer service. Their collection is out of this world and if I had the money would spend a small fortune with them. 
The packaging is gorgeous and I was gifted a beautiful necklace and earring set. 

Madison Ves Candles BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

Madison Ves Candles
This is such a cute idea they have candles for different occasions and each one has hash tags to do with the subject #happybirthday etc. the castles are huge and have a long burning time. 

Timeless truth face masks BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

Timeless Truth face masks 
I love face masks, I enjoy using them on an evening I choose to date myself. So I was excited to be hides one from the collection to trial. The brand owners were so welcoming, informative and kind. 

Linzy Lou's Handbags BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

Linzy Lou's handbags and accessories. 
Well I was in hand bag heaven it was gorgeous to look at and all of the bags were under £30 which is super reasonable. They had a huge selection of styles and colours to suit everyone and were very passionate about their brand when they spoke about it which for me is an amazing thing. 

With love Lilly BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

With love Lilly
OMG this brand is beyond spectacular in so many ways, the attention to details of the lingerie is second to none and I am so desperate to own one of their gorgeous items. They make to order so fear not they can make something for all boobies! 

Litle Ondine BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

Little Ondine 
This is a pretty neat concept and it all completely natural. They have over 50 different colours including glitters and cute twin sets. The niche of this nail polish which separates it from its fellow brands is that on top of being completely natural it is a peel off technique. I have been gifted a couple of colours and will be putting it to the test so watch this space. 

Paul & Joe makeup BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

Paul & Joe
I hate to say but I have never heard of this make up brand and the company owner was a little horrified about that revelation. And I am a beauty therapist and makeup artist. I am however happy I have learnt about it and spike with the company, they are absolutely gorgeous in their packaging it is flawless and timeless. 

Nadia Minkoff London BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015
Georgina Dee BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

Mafia Minkoff London & Georgina Dee 
These are two very cute and quirky well made designers. 

Halo Hair extensions BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

Halo hair extensions 
Watching them place the hair piece in a number of bloggers was amazing to see the transformation and how easy it was. I was secretly hoping I would be lucky enough to be gifted once of my very own this unfortunately didn't happen so it's now on my wish list. 

There were so many more brands there that I have not taken pictures of it mentioned and they all did an amazing job to help bring awareness of their brand to bloggers so we can all work together. 

I had so so much fun and it was worth the two hour drive to go and meet and find out about some exciting new brands and connect with eatable brands. 


  1. Omg.....looks absolutely fabulous! What a great time you had. It's eonderful discovering all new things. I love it

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  8. Looks like such a good event, I'm a little gutted I missed it. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself xx

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  10. This sounds like a great event with some really good brands there. I have a magnitone and its fantastic so I know you'll enjoy using that. It sounds like you had fantastic day & made some good connections.

  11. Wow this looks like an amazing event! Glad you had fun x