Saturday, 12 September 2015

Tsum Tsum by Disney

It's happened, I’ve tried to be good and not get sucked into the cuteness that is Tsum Tsum by Disney but they are just too adorable I'm telling you. 

They vary in prices for the little ones from £3.00/3.50 from Disney to Clintons cards. 

Disney store obviously has a better collection and you can get your addiction sorted online too. Panic not. 

So these are the ones I have so far. 

disney tsum tsum ariel olaf daisy lotso eeyore pigley thumper dumbo

From the top and left to right. 

Olaf frozen 
Ariel little mermaid 
Lotso toy story 
Daisy Duck 

I only gave the mini ones but if space permitted I would have them in all sizes. 

Medium are £10 and large are £20 (these are huge) 

I think its great for a (adult) to enjoy things like this it shows we can still have fun, have love in our heart and will be super excited when we get to Disney world. There is no shame in a love for cuddly toys.

Have you jumped on the latest Disney trend? 


  1. These are so cute! Adorable collectibles.

  2. Omg there so cute, especially dumbo and eeyore =]

  3. Oh I saw lots of these in the shops yesterday - they are super cute! Pickle would love Olaf or Eeyore. Kaz x

  4. How cute are these??!! I love them!! Dumbo is adorable!

    Sarah xx

  5. Aw I love the Lotso, Olaf, Daisy & Dumbo best <3