Saturday 22 August 2015

Outdoor fun - cleaning toys - vitamin D

Ok so it doesn't sound like fun! But I promise you lovely readers your little mini me's are going to have a blast. 
Autumn now asks to go and wash the toys which I think is not only cute but teaching her values on to be tidy clean and take responsibility for her things. 

I know she is only 2.5 going on 15 but it's never to early to start teaching your precious baby values. 
She was literally happy to be out there for hours so of its a warm / sunny day please cover your children up or use a sunscreen! 
But it's important you allow a small amount of exposure to the sun to help them get enough vitamins D which helps with energy, and bones! 
Having a vitamin D deficiency is no fun (my vitamins count was super low) 10 minutes in the sun will be enough for the day to get a good amount of vitamins D into the system. 

I did help the first time but now she does it and I parent from the chair (less wet that way) but I make sure we have music playing so she cleans with a wiggle. 

Have you tried this ? 

Love Aimee 


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  1. Aww! Bless her! It looks like she's having a great time! My girls love to clean things outside...Shame they are not so keen to help in the house :)