Monday 3 August 2015

eBay haul #1

So I have a love hate relationship with eBay, it's a bit of an addiction of mine and info spend more than I really should on it but I have located some awesome bargains I couldn't help but take advantage of. 

99p plus 75p postage. 
This brush is awesome and I am excited for it to arrive.  It has a little hole for the foundation to go into for easier application 

£2.89 free postage. 
This is a bargain too it had a good selection of eyeshadow brushes to help you with a start up brush collection 

£2.04 free shipping 

This is cute and comes in a few colours and Iv will be using for eyebrow wax sticks for my beauty room but it's size adjustable for how much you need to put into it. 


This shape is a bit exciting I plan on using it for my blusher and bronzer. 

And finally !


This I will be using on my dressing table to put in the products I will be using that say to try and keep my dressing table clean. 

So are you an eBay lover or hater ? 

1 comment :

  1. J'adore eBay! Love the choice of brushes there...I always feel guilty at having a stack of brushes, and I do wash them frequently; picked up a great Brush Egg on eBay last month after a blogger's recommendation.