Monday 10 August 2015

Blue rainbow flower nails

I did these beauty's at my work experience for college. I do love a challenge and im really getting into my nail art although I wish I had far more time for it amongst other things !

So I was given a challenge by my friends mum who is super fussy to create a pretty blue style and this is what I came up with. 

It's done using the IBD gel system and Orly and IBD standard polishes for the nail art. 

It was fun to create and it was a hit with my friends mum. 

So what do you think ? 


  1. Very cute design, i like the fact that there blue =]

    1. Thanks hun. The blue really works well with the design x

  2. These are gorgeous, Aimee! I keep wanting to try the striped effect but every time I do, something goes wrong with the tape! I need to try it again because these are just so gorgeous! x

    Stephanie |

    1. I hate to say r these were done completely free hand no tape needed :/ haha it's easier that way for me. And thanks for the link will check it out later xx