Saturday 1 August 2015

30 uses for coconut oil

Coconut oil

  1. Makeup Remover 
  2. Homemade body scrub when mixed with sugar 
  3. In baking and cooking - in place of butter and oil 
  4. Massaged into the scalp to stimulate hair growth 
  5. To aid weight loss when taken internally
  6. As a cuticle softener
  7. Lip balm (can me mixed with peppermint oil) 
  8. Apply around nostrils to help with allergies such as Hayfever 
  9. Nappy rash balm 
  10. To combat Psoriasis on the scalp - melt and apply and leave over night 
  11. Oil pulling for oral health 
  12. Semi-melted as a shaving cream 
  13. Mixed with a face mask for a moisturising boost to dry skin 
  14. As a natural deodorant
  15. Melted and applied to the ends of the hair to help condition
  16. As an all over hair mask when mixed with honey 
  17. As coconut oil dog treat - dogs love it + so many health benefits 
  18. Mix with essential oils to make your own massage oil 
  19. Apply to sunburn to help it heal 
  20. To de-frizz ends of the hair - use sparingly 
  21. Add a teaspoon into lemon tea to ease a sore throat 
  22. Mix with baking soda and massage in to brighten skin. Then wash off. 
  23. Add to a warm bath for all over nourished skin - great for skin conditions
  24. Mix with washing-up liquid to wash makeup brushes and keep them extra soft 
  25. Combine a small amount with lavender oil and massage over temples to aid sleep 
  26. Rub down shins and arms for a slight glow 
  27. Rubbed into skin daily to prevent stretch marks when pregnant 
  28. Mix with salt to create a foot scrub 
  29. Use on a spooly through eyebrows to tame them 
  30. Apply around cuticles and fingers when creating messy nail art
And one for luck !!
It's great to rub into you lady area to keep it smelling fresh, help with in growing hairs and keep it looking young. 

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  1. I absolutely love coconut oil, it's amazing how many things you can use it for! :D
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock