Thursday 29 August 2019

PARENTING: Mama Hug Gift Boxes

I want to share with you this amazing small business that I discovered on Instagram recently; it’s Mama Hug, firstly let’s talk about the name! It’s amazing because when we are on the journey to becoming a mum we could really do with a hug. They ship out to you ready made gift boxes full of must have items for your vaginal labour, section and breastfeeding journey. As new mums we are severely neglected, we are sent home sometimes within hours of having a baby either via major surgery or vaginally we are then left
To our own devices to care for another human whilst not having the time to even pee. It’s exhaustingly and daunting and not every new mum has a support network. 

Here is what the company have to say about their boxes. 

“Postpartum Care Kits
Wouldn’t it be nice if we nurtured new mums the way we nurture new babies? Unfortunately when it comes to postpartum care, mums are so often at the back of the queue. Yes, childbirth is beautiful, but even the most straightforward of deliveries can leave mum feeling battered and bruised.
It was this thought that grew into Mama Hug – a postpartum gift service for new mums. Moving away
from traditional ‘push presents’ and baby shower gifts, our selection of postpartum care kits are designed with one goal in mind – to get mum on the
You can choose from the Arrival Survival, which is perfect for natural deliveries, the Caesar Easer; ideal for C-Section mums; and the Bosom Buddy; an essential selection for breastfeeding mamas.
We like to think of our care kits as a helping hand for new mums who have just been through what may well be the most physically enduring experience of their lives. And anyway, why does baby, who is happiest in a pair of willing arms, always get the best gifts?
We hope you enjoy the selection and welcome your feedback. Find us @mamahuguk”

These will make the best gifts, a useful gift that will get used and appreciated. They start off at £69.99 and are worth every penny. 

They have 3 boxes available to purchase - 

The arrival survival 
The Caesar easer
The Bosom buddy 

I honesty recommend any new breastfeeding mum or nun to be to have a look at what they offer and maybe pop it on your push present list. 

Check them out here 

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