Sunday 4 August 2019


So on my Instagram travels i noticed this ever so cute little teether, he is called Ethan.

Ethan the Fox Teething toy

Ethan is a fox, designed by parents for your very precious little person. Teething is a horrible time not only for your little one but for you too, they cant tell you the pain and discomfort they are in. Ethan is designed with little hands in mind, he is bright and colourful and is perfect to soothe your little ones gums.
Ethan the Fox Teething toyEthan the Fox Teething toy

I love the concept behind him, i love foxes and think this is a must have item for all mums and dads out there dealing with a little person trying to get their toothie pegs to cut.

Its designed by a husband and wife team, for their fox mad little people.

He is £13.99 and stocklists and information about Ethan can be found on their website HERE

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