Tuesday 13 August 2019

DAYS OUT: Chessington World Of Adventures

So our second use of our Merlin pass took us to Chessington World of Adventures, this time we were prepared, we planned and had a plan of action of how we wanted our day to go and what rides we wanted to do. 

We arrived at 9am an hour before the park opened, parked and got there for park opening. 

By 11am we had already enjoyed 4 rides a complete contrast to our day at Lego land. 

Rides we went on. 

Flying jumbos 
Canopy capers
Tiger rock 
Jungle bus 
Sea dragons 
Griffins gallion
Monkey swinger 
Scorpion express
Tiny truckers 

Honestly I cannot fail the day, we had an absolute blast, we were less stressed and really got to experience the park. 

We took a packed lunch much to Davin’s disgust when he saw loaded fries, we brought the Merlin drink saver, the theory behind it was that you buy a reusable bottle (exclusive for Merlin pass holders) it was £1.99 and it entitled you too 75p refills all day! Amazing right! We thought so until we tried to find places that actually did the refills, and when we did they didn’t have any soda. What a faf! 

Parent pass was brilliant! We both got the chance to enjoy the day and rides, it wasn’t too easy to understand  and if took a few tries to get it right ...

One parent queues with the child for the ride. They have a card that gets signed and time stamped, they get off the ride and give the card to the other parent who can then go through the fast pass lane to ride. 

Autumn was super happy she got to go on everything twice. 
Ashton even went on two rides! It was so cute. 

The zoo was awesome! Next time I’m going to book a feeding session with the giraffes. 

Have you ever been?


  1. We loved Chessington when we visited. The Parent Pass is such a good idea! xx

  2. I haven't been but it looks like a great family place. Love the idea of parent pass so both parents can go without waiting twice.

  3. We really enjoyed visiting Chessington, haven’t been in a while but would love to go back soon!

  4. We are going next week - cannot wait to go on the new Room on the Broom ride

  5. We loved visiting Chessington the last time we went - I remembered just how much I loved it as a child and luckily Jack feels the same. We are hoping to go back soon as Olivia is that little bit older now

  6. I've not been to Chessington for a long time, probably since I was at school. But it shows how much difference it can make turning up early as to how much you get on x

  7. Oh this is so good, it's been a while since we were last at Chessington and I would love to go back. Sounds like you really made the most of your day.

  8. Chessington World of Adventures looks like a brilliant family day out. Love the parent pass, great for helping families make the most of their day there. My kids would love the zoo.

  9. Chessington is one of the theme parks we always say we're going to visit but have never got around to it! It sounds like you had a fab time.