Saturday 3 August 2019

DAYS OUT: Strawberry picking at Pickwell Farm Southampton

There are so many things to do in the summer and a lot can be ever so costly, Iv silently set myself a challenge to do it on a budget and to ensure more days are spend getting to know nature and enjoying just being outside. 

I am so scared that with today’s love for technology that autumn will end up on her iPad constantly so whilst I have a say in what she does I am ensuring she is outside. 

Fortunately so far she has loved everything Iv planned. Phew 

We decided to go to Pickwell farm which is in Southampton a 25 minute drive from our house, we spent a good 1.5 hours rummaging around the strawberry fields looking for the perfect ones. 

Autumn loved it, she even had a cheeky taster whilst picking. 
We got two absolutely HUGE punnets of strawberries for £6! They were great and juicy and tasted Divine. 

I then spent an hour at home cutting them up and freezing them. 

All in all it was a lovely morning and nice start to the summer holidays for us, We went with amazing friends. 

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