Saturday 24 February 2018

PARENTING: Halftime Term At The Bradley’s

Our half term in a nutshell has been packed with fun and adventure so here is a breakdown of what we got up too this February half term. 

Saturday we had a very chilled day spending time playing with toys and counting up all Autumns to pennies ready to take them to the bank. 

Sunday we went to church then to a childhood friends birthday tea party. It was lovely to catch up with old friends and I pay pass the parcel and eat wonderful food. 

Monday we decided to have a chilled mummy daughter pamper day, we spent the day curling reading books, watching Disney and taking some time for us. We had face masks, a lovely lush bubble bath and painted our toes. 
It was so nice to spent some quality time talking and laughing. 

Tuesday (pancake day) we meet Autumns grandad Colin at the Church coffee morning and had a pancake and a natter with all of my mums old friends, Autumn had a great time running around with them. This was followed buy a fish and chip lunch, a trip to hobby craft and then followed by cake baking. 

Wednesday was Valentine’s Day and daddy supposed Autumn and I with some lovely gift. He brought Autumn a lovely teddy, a single pink (plastic) rose and a bag of sweets, I got a lovely bottle of rosé cava, a gorgeous bunch of flowers and a beautiful card. We spent the afternoon playing and decorated the cupcakes we made on Tuesday. 

Thursday Autumn went to my churches holiday club for 2.5 hours in the morning, the entire church was transformed into a fishing village and they had an action packed time, Autumn had a blast. As the weather was beautiful we took a trip to lee on the Solent and went to Alver Country Park, Iv wanted to take Autumn there for a while and it didn’t disappoint at all there was lots to do but next time I’m bringing my Wellington boots. 

Friday Autumn was back at church for the last day of holiday club, and spent the afternoon at home taking a breather. 

Saturday my friend came over with her daughter so the girls could have a play date and expel some energy whilst the mums drunk lots of tea and enjoyed adult conversation. The we spent some time as a family and walked Around chichester window shopping and taking photos. We enjoyed a hotdog from a street vendor followed by a relaxing evening together. 

Sunday was a day of rest (much needed). 

Monday we ventured back to chichester to flip out, this included Autumn and her BFF Iris and my friend (iris’s Mum) Kim and the beautiful pink blob maisy. I enjoyed lots of Maisy cuddles whilst kim ran or jumped around the huge trampoline park after the girls. They had a blast and then a cheeky McDonald’s to finish the day. 

This has been one of our most filled half terms to date, I am usually to fatigued and in pain from my Fibro to manage much but I decided to take full advantage of my health as I never know how long a good spell will last. 

What was your half term like? Did you have lots of fun?

And I would LOVE any suggestions for the next one xxx

Love Aimee 

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