Saturday 10 February 2018

FASHION: Shopping Haul Primark, Lush & Gosh

These days rarely treat myself, but it has gotten a little dire in my underwear draw I finally had to bite the bullet. 

I was down to a single sock, 2 bras (which really fitted badly) and about 5 pairs of pants. 

I harbour this guilt when shopping for myself because I feel money can be better spent than trying to holster up my sad boobs and ensuring my lady parts are breeze free ...... I can neither confirm nor deny if my underwear is full of holes.

So after spending my morning in the Apple store (that is a whole different blog post) I thought let’s treat myself. 

I ended up in primark, Superdrug and Lush. 

I did so well and only got things I actually needed (Ok not entirely true). 

I treated my self to 5 bras, yes they are in the same style and colours but when I find something that works I stick too it. Iv tried primark bras unsuccessfully in the past mainly down to the lack of support. But money is tight so I thought what the hell and threw my cares to the wind. 

I found two styles ( I did try on about 13 types) that were not only really cute but super supportive and comfortable! And the best part was the price. Two green ones were in the same for £3 each from £6, they have a super sexy front chain style detail. I rummage though the sale racks looking for as many as I could in my size. Second was the all back with gorgeous band detailing, this comes in black and pink so naturally I brought all available in my size (Pink not pictured it’s currently working as scaffolding for the boobs).  There were full price at £6 each and still a total steel. 

Grand total £24 for 5 bras! 

I also grabbed some socks as it is far to cold to keep going out the house without any. I spent more time picking out socks than I did choosing my daughters name. 

They are £2.50 for a pack of 5. 

After wrapping my daughters birthday presents up in Christmas wrap last week I seriously needed to up my parenting game (the Mum shame is real) so I grabbed 3 rolls of wrap in a print that would work for all occasions. I love the asymmetric print, but my favourite has to be the Pegasus print it’s just absolutely gorgeous. 

They are £1.50 a roll and you get 5 m per roll. There were loads of other choices available but these were my favourite.

At Superdrug I treat myself to a new gosh foundation it’s second Conceal foundation, I’ve been dying to try this for ages so I’m really excited to talk about this in an up-and-coming post. It’s priced at £9.99 and the size is really deceiving you get a lot more than you realise.

Finally I ended up in Lush I’ve not brought from Lush in a number of years,Just because I don’t really live near a shop so when the opportunity arises I do treat myself to a few things. I decided I really wanted to try this sleepy lotion it’s had a really great reviews and I suffer really badly with insomnia, so this was on my most wanted to try list am I opted for the smaller tub to try it first before buying the larger one and that is priced at £7.95. I also asked a really lovely assistant at Lush hair recommendations for bath bombs for people who suffer with body pains like I do, she was super helpful and recommended 3 to me and I decided to opt for Blue skies and fluffy white clouds, you can brake parts off so it last longer. She then surprised me with an act of kindness (something lush does) and gifted  me a twilight bath bomb, it’s was beyond kind and made me speechless. 

The customer service at Lush is one of the best I’v ever come across and I cannot recommend them enough. 

I’m super excited to get some time to try them and tell you all about it.

Love Aimee  


  1. The bras are such a great bargain ... although I have no reservations about splashing money on underwear as I'm a huge believer in your wardrobe beginning with your pants!


  2. £24 for 5 bras is very cheap - if they are quality and last that is just fab! x

  3. I thing that for the price of them there is nothing to feel guilty about. That's a great deal!


  4. Great haul! I love treating myself to some new undearwear :)

  5. I usually buy my bras from Primark as well- I can't justify spending a lot of money on them! Hope the sleepy cream from lush works. My sister has that one and she likes it.

  6. You're absolutely hilarious! I can't confirm nor deny the state of my knickers either .... Ok I can, the situation is dire! Loving your picks! If you find a good item stocking up is key. X

  7. That is a great price for 5 bra's - I pay that for one. Will have to check them out

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