Tuesday 20 February 2018

PARENTING: Autumn turns 5

Turning 5 is no joke I have been made fully aware by my current 4yo who is desperate for her birthday to hurry up. 

She is a typical 4 year old in her first year of big school and I’m so proud of her. This year she is having a party with her new school friends and everyone has been invited. 

The party is 2 days before her actual birthday so we said she can open presents from her party in the day of the party big family presents are for her actual birthday. 

She is into all the fad toys availabe at the moment (eye roll) but she does have some  favourites, these include 

Paw patrol (we have so much at home). 
LOL Surprise dolls (still working out if these are worth the small fortune they cost)
Barbie ( I too still love Barbie)
Trolls ( can’t stop watching the movie)
Our generation ( I love these even more than Barbie)

So that’s kinda the scoop on her current favourite toys. 

I’m in love with the Our Generation collection, the dolls are amazing quality and they have the best accessories as well. Downside Is they cost a pretty penny however they hold a good resell value ( thank the toy gods my daughter looks after her toys as if they are made of glass). 

We were introduced to our generation when we took a post Christmas trip too Smyths to spend some vouchers Autumn had received at Christmas. We searched high and low for those pesky LOl dolls (they were out of stock YAY) avoided the paw patrol section and stumbled upon a wall filled with gorgeous dolls of a decent size (sorry Barbie). They were amazing and came in so many different skin tones and hair colours not to mention the diverse and inclusive fashion. They had every style imaginable and both autumn and I fell in love. She (we) settled on Holly a gorgeous blond with a cute fur Gullet, stripped top and skirt with tights. We then of course got her a change of clothes (super cute Skater outfit complete with skate board) and a mode of transportation (pink Scooter with helmet). 

Honestly it took ages to pick as there was so much choice. 

Our generation offers a huge selection from Jeep to Ice Cream Truck so you can find something that your child relates too. 

She also loves fingerlings and got a cute unicorn and pink monkey. The monkey is her favourite

Autumn had a party for her birthday celebration and invited her class friends to celebrate with her. 
She had a blast, we had a cheeky pix photo booth and glitter tattoos. 

Honestly i wouldn’t have been able to pull it off if it wasn’t for my close friends Lisa and Kim, they kept me calm, helped me set up, pack away, cook and do the tattoos. We did the Party on a major budget and pulled some strings with friends to give her the best day.

Autumn was super spoilt by all her friends and family. And most important of all the adults survived another birthday. Next year will definitely be a more intimate shin dig for our little princess, but for now I’m having a well earned break from party planning.

How have you celebrated your little ones special day? And what are their chosen presents?

Love Aimee 

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