Friday 9 February 2018

Fashion: My Bargain Crazy Shop

Ok ok so I caved and I have brought myself som much needed clothing in my current size which is 18. 

I opted to buy from bargain crazy as its part of littlewoods and they offer some insane discounts. 

So I just bagged myself £248 worth of clothing for a mere £38 including the £3.99 postage. 

This includes 3 trousers, a skirt, two tops and a dress. 

What do you think of my choices? 

I wanted to spend under £40 and have things I can use for most occasions. 


  1. Amazing haul!! I love the trousers, and the colour block skirt! Great choices x

    Yasmin 💗
    The Sweet Seven Five

  2. What a great haul, I love the pussybow blouse! x

  3. I think you did great! I especially love the tapered leg trousers and also the pussybow blouse. I'm sure you look like a million bucks. x

  4. That's some impressive savings you've made there with some pretty useful pieces too.

  5. Wow what an amazing haul of bargains, I'm so jealous x

  6. I am very impressed with all the items that you managed to get with your budget! Fantastic! :)

  7. That's a great price and you have got same fab clothes. I've not heard of this website before, so I will be checking it out