Wednesday 29 July 2015

Why I choose semi permeant makeup

Ok so semi permanent make up is always a topic of discussion. It's fairly expensive so not everyone can actually afford the pleasure of it. After completing a year chichester college my teacher decided to take a course in semi permanent make up so I got the pleasure of really good rates to get my eyebrows done.
My eyebrows have always been the bane of my life they will say that eyebrows should be sisters not twins but mine were sisters who hated each other. 

I have also opted to have my eyeliner top and bottom done too!

I am a mum, I suffer with a long term chronic pain issue and I'm trying to get my business of the ground so any time saved on make up is a winner in my books.

I am in love with how it's turned out however I do need a top up on my eyeliner. 
If there is money in the budget I would recommend it to everyone! I have tattoos so the pain factor was already noted. Plus Iv had a baby with minimal pin relief so I thought I had this in the bag. 

HA was I wrong the top liner and eyebrow piece of cake! I was so exhausted from sleep deprivation that I nearly started snoring on the beauty couch! 

The bottom eyeliner now that's a different story I am pretty confident in saying I have a high pain threshold but this little shit really caught me out!! 

Fuck me I seriously had my toes curling as I felt the needle hit my lower lash line. 
And the lovely Linda had to go over it 3 YES 3 bloody times trying to keep your eyes open as you see it come at ha and knowing the pain is not easy my friend. I can honestly put my hands up and say I almost nearly gave up! 

Well clearly I made it through by the skin of my teeth ! Barely! can I say it was touch and go. 

But I love the end result and am fully aware in 3 weeks I will have to have it done again to ensure the colour sticks.

Any of my readers had it done or thinking of having it done ? 


  1. I'm thinking of having my eyebrows done. I have super fair eyebrows and having to tint them every couple of weeks is a pain!

    Becky X

  2. Eyebrows seriously on fleek now though! I can't imagine getting eyeliner put on though - I'm a baby and wouldn't be able to handle the bottom line!

    xo Jenn