Wednesday 29 July 2015

The books on my side table

Since being a mum I really do have trouble finding the time to do things to me this is why my reading list is growing quickly. 
I have a long list of ones on my bed side that I am starting to work my way through. 

Ok so as you can see they are not all reading books and when they are they actually have a running pattern. 


This book was given to my by a good friend of mine for when I was and am still going through a trying time in my life. It has little notes for you to read that will help you when you have a bad day. 

I heart colouring books
From £4.50+
These are so cute and they fit into your handbag if you fancy a little de-stressing when your out. I am really into colourig I take 10 minutes when I can to just think about nothing. I have so many things happening in my life so this is such a great release from anxiety to quiet the brain. 

Ruby Wax - sane new world 
This was recommended to me by a fellow blogger Chloe @ChloePaigeeBlog 
I suffer with pretty bad anxiety and depression (not as bad as the anxiety) and admitting it has been a massive step forward for me. So this im actually looking forward to reading. The reviews are great and with a personal recommendation it's at the top of the pile. 


This is a staple book for most house holds and I did miss it when it first dos the rounds due to only dating and no care to understand the opposite sex.  Well another recommendation this time from my therapist (yup I got me a therapist) I feel all grown up ! Ok so marriages are bloody hard man ! I LOVE my husband but do I understand him? Hell no ! So this is for me to understand him I know what yor thinking ... That is not going to happen ! But a girl has got to try. 


I got this signed copy from the Jillian michaels maximise your life tour, this happened back in January in Bournemouth and a old friend kirsty took me to see it ! It was AMAZING I got to go up on stage with her and get a hug. 

Fleur de force - the glam guide 

This I have had a while but I still have had no time to read it ! I promise I will get my ass onto it in the next few weeks for a review ! 

Can you see a theme ? So this is my three week challenge, I am hopefully going to get this bad it finished and have a better understanding of myself before mid August. I have got so caught up in so much drama of life, friends and family rubbish I have been so snowed under with emotion this is my little task to clear my head. 

Colouring books for adults 
From £5 upwards

Ok so these are from the works, they have a 1001 designs for you and these are he ones that I fell in love with, it's a personal thing for someone to choose as we are so individual. 

So as you can see there is a running theme of self help in my books, I as said previously had and are having a pretty hard time of life and these are hopefully going to help me get back on track. 

What's in your reading pile? Any recommendations for me ? 


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