Saturday 25 July 2015

Inside my daughters bedroom

So we moved house on February long time coming ! Our old home was vile, damp and mouldy which was sadly affecting my daughter autumns health. 

We made sure her room was the first to be finished as she didn't take the move to well and wanted her to feel like it was her home. 

We have finally sorted out storage although we do need to get her a wardrobe! It's on the list. 

Ikea square storage in White with fabric boxes we use this for clothing and nappies. Currently nothing is hung up which is driving me potty. 

Her bed is a super cute toddler bed from our local buy sell site and was £20 ! 
Rug is asda in the sale. 

Corona bookcase this was actually for my books but it appears autumn had a far greater need for it! 

Again more ikea storage solutions. I live ikea they really do have some great thing for the home. 

It has moved round slightly since the photos have been take.  Doc mcstuffins fan!! She loves her doc station and we got the wooden storage trunk from the buy sell site for £10! 

We have kept the walls natural and chosent to add decals which are easier to remove as she changes her taste in characters she like to watch. 

Unfortunately we rent so we are limited in what we can do although our landlord is flexible. 

What do you think of autumns bedroom? 

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