Sunday 19 July 2015

My Fiorelli new season wishlist

Well hello fellow handbag lovers I know your out there. Well welcome to my want list! This is my number one handbag brand I am literally in love with its brand and quality! You literally get what you pay for its worth every penny and lasts like a bitch! 

Not only that they have all different shapes, sizes and styles for every person.  

I really found this a challenge to just pick a few from the collection if im honest. 

Ok so here are a few pretty from the website which are my top wants ! 

This is a super cute summer favourite of mine it's not to big, goes over the shoulder and strap and with match most outfits for £59. 

This is so versatile it's a backpack and handbag, I am in love with whites it must be the summer. Again £59

I love the quilting its a bit pricier at £79

This is the business bag for me, I love the colour combination again this is £69

This is our super cute shopper bag its huge and a pretty damn stylish baby bag of you refuse to cross over to baby bag territory! £69

I love the colour of this purse it's the perfect mummy size for me holds all my money cards and crap to be less polite   

This I love this necklace is pure love it's over £70 though. 

So what's your thoughts on my top choices ? 


  1. My mum loves this brand, she's even thinking of buying a second handbag they are that good haha x

    1. Hi Rebecca, your mum has good taste, they really do last well, so trying to justify owning more than two is quite hard

      thank you for the blog link x please drop me a follow on bloglovin if you have time and on my instagram

  2. I love Fiorelli, I've just been looking at the bags before visiting your blog - what a coincidence lol.
    I want the Rita Tote Nautical one so badly.

    Sarah | <3

  3. I've never heard of this brand before, but these are super cute! The Riviera print is perfect for summer. Thanks for sharing!