Monday 28 December 2015

LIFESTYLE: Christmas 2015

So Christmas this year was a mad rush and dash, we were facing homelessness and my cousin came to our rescue and we now have a home a stable roof over our heads photos to follow once Iv unpacked ..... Might be in the new year. 

So here are some candid shots of our Christmas. It was exhausting and I had a few un panned and un  welcomed naps in between. 

If you didn't know I suffer with spinal nerve damage and fibromyalgia so I'm on a constant battle with my own body. 

Christmas Eve involved sprinkling food for Rudolph, new pajamas it's a Micky Christmas and grumpy Santa paws. 

Christmas morning 8:30am start and stockings in bed. 

Christmas Day at home & Boxing Day 

The 27th with our Bournemouth family more presents and turkey. 

Autumn had a great Christmas she really enjoyed it this year and was spoilt rotten - present list coming soon 

Merry Christmas everyone with love from my house to yours. 

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  1. Awh, this is just too cute!!x I hope you had an amazing Christmas and I love your name!x :)