Tuesday 22 December 2015

LIFESTYLE: What to expect from a pedicure

Pedicures can still be a luxury to many people and many people forget how important it is to look after your feet. They are with you your whole life, work hard and go through a lot! Including being squeezed into shoes a half size to small (we have all done it) and by 11pm really regretted it as we are hobbling with squashed toes, calluses and blisters.
I as a beauty therapist feel that a pedicure every few months is a great treat to give yourself and will relax you more than you can imagine.
So if you have never had the chance and opportunity to have a pedicure I’m sure you are wondering what it all entails? 
The main benefits to having regular pedicures is that they will keep your feet smooth, soft and your cuticles pushed back and your nails polished and the best part is that they are relaxing.
A standard pedicure will include soaking your feet to soften them, pushing back and removal of necessary of the cuticle (this can grow down the nail if you don’t keep it in check), cutting and filing of the nail, and removal of any dry dead skin from the soul of the foot (this can be a little ticklish) and it ends with a relaxing foot and leg massage and painted with a colour of your choice.
You will find that there are a large number of salons near you that will offer pedicures and make you feel very welcome and talk you through the treatment as well as what products they will be using.
For a longer lasting polish you can opt for a shellac pedicure which will extend your polish life which is especially great for when you are going on holiday (it is less likely to chip). And if you fancy something a little fun and different most salons now offer the chance to have nail art on your toes, with this your options are endless, from flowers to minions you can be as subtle with polka dots or crazy as you like.
For more information and locations you can treat yourself to a well-deserved pedicure please check out this link.
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