Tuesday 27 October 2015

CHILDRENS FASHION: Life-Changing Tips for Mixing Prints for Your Little Ones

Life-Changing Tips for Mixing Prints for Your Little Ones

Fall has arrived, and with it all the lovely colours, gloves, shawls, hot chocolate, and pumpkin pie. You will wish to wear warm colours and materials, but before that, you will want to make sure your children are well dressed. By well dressed, we of course refer to the warmth of their clothes, but that’s not all – they should know what clothes are suitable and what makes them look neat and stylish at the same time. If you think that by letting your children choose their own clothes you are making a mistake, think again.

Combine prints freely

Mixing prints is not that difficult, just follow a few simple rules. For example, two similar prints can easily be combined if they differ in sizes: large dot prints with one-pin dot prints and a nice, solid item between them to break the pattern and give stability. Simple solid utility jacket, washed out jeans, or a plain shirt will do the trick. Remember: when in doubt, black and white go well with pretty much anything, so opt for these colours to spice up any print.

childrens fashion prints

Walking in the jungle

Boys and girls alike are in love with animals and exotic places. Jungle is probably the most interesting place on Earth if you ask them, so why not let them feel closer to it? Mix animals prints with explorers’ outfit: cartoon graphic shirts with lions, zebras, monkeys, and tigers combined with beige shorts and a jacket with plenty of pockets will make them look like mini Indiana Joneses. Belts and shoelaces with intricate and interesting prints will complete the outfit and show their love for details. This trend was also inspired by the Jumanji movie.

Romantic boho style

Girls have always been very romantic and stylish. They love princesses and fairies, pale pink, soft violet, and plenty of floral prints. Materials such as lace, floral prints, and even a bit of sequins will make them feel pretty and cheer them up even on the gloomiest and cloudiest of days. Fringes, crochet tops, pastel colours, and ornamental embroideries will make any girl see a princess when she looks in the mirror, and since back2school time is here, girls will have a chance to show off their great new clothes.

childrens fashion prints

Bright pop-art style

childrens fashion prints

Pop-art is more eye-catching, it stands for bright colours and plenty of equally bright details and boys all over the world are in love with it. Shirts with prints of their favourite superheroes, royal blue and deep red jackets, and yellow sneakers is just the style boys will love to wear. They will not complain that a look is too ‘girly’, but they will be happy because they will look casual and cool at the same time.

In the end, children will be children, and everything is a game for them. They like to play, dance, and mimic, and no wonder they want to experiment with their clothes. Polka dots, stripes, starts, tartan, zebra… Let them wear whatever they like, they should be safe, sound, and happy; it is the point of childhood after all, is it not?

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  1. I think mixed prints look great on kids - fun and funky! and it's nice to have them choose what they want to wear too!

  2. These are great tips. As a blidn person, I usually don't wear prints because I don't know what goes well together. I wear a lot of black and some white but even then I've made a mistake of not tucking my white T-shirt.

  3. I am always a bit wary of mixing prints. These are good tips. That bird poncho is amazing! xx

  4. I love mixed prints on children. They can definitely pull it off better than most adults! X