Tuesday 29 May 2012

Summer Drinks with Alfie

Summer is hopefully around the corner and I am a big fan of bbq's, sun and easy drinks. Alfie are indevidual cans which are pre made un a selection of flavours.

I got to try gin & tonic, gin & slimline tonic and vodka & orange.

Make sure that it is chilled before drinking as it just makes it taste the little bit better.

I liked them all I always enjoy gin & tonic so the slimline version at 28 calories per 100ml it is deffinatly my top choice.

They are easy to prepare - chill, open and drink

They are a bargain price too at £1 each available from morrisons & Iceland

They taste like they have been make in a bar I have gone and brought more for a few parties I have attended and it's just so convenient.

If you are an avid calorie counter like myself here are the stats for you

The cans are 250ml

Gin & tonic 170calories per can
Gin & slimline tonic 70 calories per can
Vodka & Orange 192.5 calories per can
So there you have a quick and convenient summer drink so fill your boots and enjoy the sunshine but remember drink safe stay safe and don't be silly

Love Aimee


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