Tuesday 8 May 2012

Resistance Bands

I am new to owning a resistance band but adding it to my at home or in gym work outs has really made a difference, i am trying to get fit for 2 reasons i want a baby and for this i need to shed some very unwanted weight and secondly i am going to my best friends wedding this June in Ibiza.

So i am sharing all of my journeys with you sorry guys! i am a sharer so i want you to know if you care to read how i am getting  in my life lets face it if your like me you will want to know (i love a good nose) so i am going all out getting my butt in gear and searching for a healthier lifestyle.

Mt favourite phrase that is used by the gorgeous Jillian Michael's a former trainer of the biggest looser USA is " you can eat your way through any amount of exercise" and wow isn't that the truth - yesterday for instance i go for a jog not a big one but a jog none the less came home fell to temptation and ate pretty much a WHOLE packet of ginger nut and Bourbon biscuits. I knew when i was shoving them in my mouth what i was doing was not good yet could i stop ? could i heck! not until i stuffed so many that i felt physically sick did i stop.. why? god knows maybe i was bored unhappy or generally being a twat.

So enough of my ramble onto why i am actually writing this post my new and shiny resistance band - i chose red which is medium resistance for beginners or intermediates.

You can if your going away take this with you as they are light weight so you can grab a workout even on holiday!!

The best moves for use with a resistance band are


do sets of 12 and the last 2 squats should be a challenge if they are not then get a band with more resistance.

stand in the middle of your band feet shoulder width apart hold on to the ends of the band one end in each hand and keep your hand bent towards your shoulders, keep them there and proceed into a squat.

Bent over Rows

place one foot on the band and take a step backwards with the other, holding one end of the band in each hand. Keeping your arms straight bend forwards about 45degrees with a flat back and pull your hands towards your waist, elbows close together then lower again. remember to squeeze your shoulder blades as you do the rowing motion.

Alternate Lying Chest Presses

Lie on your back, place the band underneath your upper back holding the ends in each hand, extend one hand upwards towards the ceiling return to starting position and repeat with other arm.

Diagonal wood chops

feet hip width apart, loop the band under your left foot and grasp either end in each hand,. Keeping your hands together, reach towards your left foot, bring the band up and over your right shoulder, in a wood chopping motion remember keep your feet stationary as the movement is upper body. do 12-15 reps and repeat other side.

Triceps Extension

hold the end of the band in your left hand and take your arm behind your back, now grab the other end of the band with your right arm and take your right wrist behind your neck elbow out to the side. fully extend your right arm and return to the start- repeat other side.

Lateral Rows

stand on the band feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent. grasp the end of the band, palms facing each other, arms hanging by your sides with your elbows slightly bent. Raise your arms out to the side, to shoulder height, keeping your elbows bent and return to start and repeat.

Biceps Curls

stand on the middle of the band with your feet shoulder width apart, and your knees slightly bent. To get into the start position, grasp one end of the band in each hand with an under grip so your hands are facing forward. Let your arms hand loosely from your shoulder joint , with your elbows close to your sides. In a controlled movement flex your elbows and curl your arms up to shoulder height, return to the start and repeat.

This information has come from health and fitness magazine and i refer to it 3 times a week to include it into my fitness regime t mix things up a bit, why not give it a try and don't forget to let me know if you do.

want your very own resistance band i got mine from ebay - heres the link

Love Aimee



  1. I have one of these packed away somewhere gathering dust from when I used to dance... I need to dig it out because it was so effective! Thanks for the little exercises, will definitey be trying them :)

    Frances xx

  2. I really need to get one of these, I do ballet and recently started taking my ballet pointe work seriously, resistance bands are great for building strength in the arch of the foot which is crucial for pointe work. Great to get a gym gadget which doesn't take up loads of room too.