Wednesday 3 January 2018

LIFESTYLE: January Sale At B&M

January sales. They are for me the cherry on the top of Christmas. You find some amazing bargains. And at B&M this year they are no exception. 

In the sales I usually look for Christmas decorations and toys. Why? Because I love to get a head start on birthdays happening in the new year. I find it’s always good to have a selection of toys at home for any birthdays coming up so your not panic buying when you get a last minute invite to your child’s school friends birthday party. 

They have so so much available At B&M your literally be spoilt for choice. 

Games are great for family time, being silly and bonding. 

Soggy dog and hungry hungry hippos are now £9.99

Arts and crafts are mine and Autumns favourite thing to do to be creative and learn together, they are great for children’s to find themselves and be creative and allow them to be proud of themselves. 
My little pony creative your own glitter domes and trolls activity craft pact are only £6.99. 

We as a family have ditched the play doh and swapped it for mouldable play sand. Autumn absolutely loves it, it’s so easy to clean up (even when it gets into your carpet) you can be super creative with it too. 

You can get glittery fairy smart sand complete with tools for £6.99

This is the best time of year to plan next Christmas (don’t yell haha I know it’s premature) but you can set up next Christmas at a bargain. 

Christmas trees and decorations will have a huge mark down. 

Not to mention wrapping paper. I know I use a lot and when brought at Christmas can cost a small fortune in itself. So why not embrace the savings and get some in the sales. 

Next Christmas i really Want to make my house look more Christmassy by doing more than a tree, this will include cushions and bedspreads. B&M have some gorgeous Christmas inspired cushions for your home and I’m in love with them. 
Now only £2.99 what an amazing price. 

And every Christmas crackers are a must! So grab a bargain for £2.99 

Hope you loved this. So do leave a comment I love and reply to all. 

Happy new year my lovelies. 

Aimee xxK

And don’t forget to check out B&M in store and online 


  1. B&M is one of my favourite shops - I go in for one thing and spend a fortune, haha! I was in there today looking for a discounted Christmas tree after my artificial tree shed more than a real one this year. Alas, the seasonal shelves were empty! I still managed to pick up some bargains though!
    Hungry hippos was my favourite game when I was little - I'm glad to see it's still going strong!

  2. Ooo we’ll have to check out the games. Perfect for these cold winter days x

  3. Ooh I have missed the sales this year! Love those cushions, they look fab! I need a new tree too!

  4. I need a tree and gutted that I missed the sales this tear!!

  5. Hungy Hippos was such a good game and I loved it as a kid, that's a really good price for it as well! I didn't actually get anything in the sales this year. Should have looked now

  6. I absolutely love a good bargain! I never knew that B&M were online as well!

  7. I saw so many people get great bargains from B&M for next Christmas. Such a great time to shop. X

  8. I love B&M and think they offer such great value the whole year around. I did pop into my local one for some bits after Christmas and ended up buying furniture, dog treats, decorations and even some curtains. Fantastic for all your needs!

  9. I always like a bit of January sales shopping, particularly for Christmas bits for the next Christmas. I never thought about also stocking up on birthday gifts, brilliant idea!x

  10. I am a person sale so i really wanted to check this out! I think it would be great if we should already get ready for the next Christmas.