Friday 30 September 2016

PARENTING: who knew being a mum was this hard

Ok so house move - complete 
Unpacking - work in progress 
Dealing with an unruly 3 year old (birthday Jan 30th) argh she will be athreenager. 

Ok so I can tell you I have see other mums previous to me getting here dealing with their toddlers in public and thinking shit all kids can't be like that right? 
I mean my mum used to tell me stories about my sisters and brother about tantrums in m&s and wetting themselves for attention! But honestly I though it maybe the one odd child that's just a little more energetic and has more balls than the others. I was wrong as my gorgeous little baby started to grow, walk and talk she is discovering emotions! This is where I back away and hang my head as I really am just winging it not a clue what is the right option and hope I don't screw her up to much so she turns out to be a semi normal adult. 

There are so many questions I have which I can't ask as my mum passed away many years ago. 
I worry every morning when I wake up if I'm getting it right, there is no book or manuals available to tell you what is right and wrong. 

I know that for now I'm doing ok no matter what madness I have in my life I do my best to make sure none of it touches her or affects her 

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