Friday 30 September 2016

PARENTING: Potty training update September with Huggies

So an update on the potty training front honestly this is hard! Some days we nail it and others there is pee everywhere!
I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. Sometimes we laugh and sometimes I cry, it's literally a game of roulette you don't know what is going to happen next. 

Autumn has days when she nails it the night pull up is dry! Yippi we cry then the morning goes ok so we decide to just try pants no pull ups that day and by the afternoon I'm banging my head on the floor mopping up a puddle of pee as my daughter stands next to the potty and just proclaimed she needed a wee! So just stood next to it and went. My eyes lit up in horror as she just continued to go I swear it was the worlds longest and biggest pee ever! 
Where do you start ? I had to get her out of the clothing not knowing weather to cry or scream I attempt to remove the clothing without spending it any further than I needed it to be spread. This similar type of occurrence has happened around 4 times in the space of 10 days. It's exhausting and hurts my head. 

Other days she completely surprises me and is perfect in every way including her behaviour so it is just a learning curve. 

I am so happy I have been fully supported by Huggies on this very emotional journey my little girl isn't my baby any more (although I will always see her as just that) she is turning into a smart little person with her own personality. And it's not always easy to let go of your baby. But this has been made easier with the support of all the Huggies ambassadors. 

I have put together some updates highs and lows of us through this journey and I'm so pleased and proud to share them with you. Some will be able to relate and those of you with babies soon don't worry one day you will understand. 

I couldn't wait to throw away the nappies assumed toilet and lotus would be easier but boy have I had some curve balls thrown at me. 

No one told me that your child and a bouncy castle would be the same as me on a bouncy castle or trampoline of I didn't immediately go to the toilet before going on it. The feeling of shame when my darling daughter manages to miss the bouncy castle by mere CM and just cried because she is ashamed she did it in front of the entire birthday party and me being mum of the year left the change of clothing in the car 30 min walk away. 

Thankfully another mum took pity on me and lent me some clothing for Autumn and some wipes to clean her and the floor up. 

Those are the moments I miss nappies and although yes we do use Huggies day pull-ups often we do try days without to test the water and progress through this journey. 

Mums out there who can relate to me there is light at the end of the tunnel just keep breathing and you will get there eventually through many tears, tantrums (both you and your child) and moments of pure joy and pride. 

you can check out huggies here they have so much to help you on your own journey with your little one

*I am receiving payment for my role as a Huggies ambassador but all words and opinions are my own.*

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