Tuesday 13 September 2016

MUSINGS: Quotes of inspiration #2

I figured it had been a while actually nearly a year since I did a post like this. I have found some gorgeous quotes of Insirations that may speak to you. I hope you like them and they brighten your day.

Stop and appreciate life no matter what's going on stop and be thankful. What worries you today will be a distant memory in years to come. I am so thankful for my husband, daughter, my friends and church they have truly held me up and know me so well and the person I am and still yet to become. Living with Chris onicillness doesn't define me! Nor does others opinions. I was once told no one can make you feel less than or inferior with out your consent, so today I revoke consent I am in love with a life ahead of me. Step back and remember what matters is who you love and see you for you and supports you. Never judge as one day it may be you on the other side. God loves all, he is inclusive not exclusive and I know God loves me is at work in my life and guiding me to a brighter future to help me do gods work. 

Hope this brightens your day 

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