Wednesday 22 October 2014

Mummy mess

Ok so as I type this I've had less than 30 hours sleep in nearly 10 days. My daughter has a cough like no other and I am struggling to keep my eyes open. 
BUT my house looks like a bomb has hit it. 
But admitably  far to tired to do anything about it. Food on the table rubbish left And emptied toys everywhere. You may even need a hard hat to deam the house safe. 

I am busy, cleaning is NOT my strong point and in struggling to be the perfect stepford wife and mother you read about if fictional story's. 

My bedroom once perfect and pristine is now the house dumping ground for when guests come over to pretened we are indeed tidy and perfect. Open my bedroom door and those well performed lies are ruined. 
This I won't photograph :( lol it's far to bad to share on social media. 
I take my hat off to all mothers your truly fantastic. I dream of a day where I can juggle it all perfectly , get my time management in order and have a house 80% of the time I don't have to be embarised about. 

When people come over to keep the allusion I am in fact on top of my house work all crap around the house gets moved to my room. This door stays shut and for one evening my house looks normal. 

I'm sharing to see if I'm not the only one out there that is dreaming of clean house and bedroom but struggling with it all. 

Being a wife, someone's partner, single mother and doing the other parts of your life as well is a challange. We should all be proud of ourselves for how far we have come 

Love Aimee. 

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