Thursday 9 October 2014

Babybjorn event WE carrier launch

I was very kindly invited to attend the babybjorn event, this for me was a perfect opertuity as it was also my birthday, so I bundled my husband and daughter into the car and off we went. 

It's was a great relaxed atmosphere full of lots of things for little fingers to get onto and try and enjoy. 

It was a great opertuity to try lots from the babybjorn collection and there was so so much more than I realised. 

The adult bouncer is a massive hit and something I would buy for my home! 

We were all given a chance to try the carrier there at the event as well as gifted one to trial and review at home! So there will be a review post coming shortly. 

Autumn had so much fun with lots for her to do and get into. 

It was a really great start to my birthday too!

Again thank you so very much for the invite and birthday cake. 

And watch this space for my WE carrier review. 

Love Aimee 


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