Wednesday 22 October 2014

EMU Australia 20th anniversary

So winter in closing in far faster than I like to believe. In face given the choice I would hibernate like a bear until summer arrives again.  

Now it's no secret I am a massive fan of EMU Australia, and may be classed somewhat of an addict and if money allowed I would own each and every style they produce including their super snuggle slippers (on my Xmas list). 

So it is In fact the 20th anniversary of EMU  Australia and to celebrate in true style they have released their highly popular Stinger Lo boots in wait for it 20 COLOURS. 
EMU australia

How amazing is that!! I am slightly impressed and personally would have one in every colour going but buying them all may end my marriage HAHA. 
EMU australia

They are £140 per pair and worth every penny. 
EMU australia

I am a form believer in buying quality and you will find that these will last you winter after winter. 
EMU australia

They are a classic design and won't date which is always a bonus. 

So the only real question left to ask is what colour will you choose? 

My top colour is wine. Quite fitting really lol 

I have a love for this brand and have a number of previous posts you should most definatly check out!

Love Aimee 


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