Monday 29 April 2013

New Toy .... My Child Walker!

ok ok, so I think part of this is for me as if I could squeeze my backside into it I would be playing with this bad boy!
My child walker, so we brought this a tad early for my little princess Autumn she is now 12 weeks and we ... well I fell in love with it and we had some mother care vouchers to use up that my husband got from work.
it costs £59.99 and I feel it is money or vouchers well spent.
I love the fact it is interactive and ever brooms like a car! as well as converting to a dinner tray!
and it rocks its just so great and has so may different factor that make it worth the money. I really cant wait for my little princess to be ready to use it .. I have popped her in it and she just looks confused lol.
you can find this bad boy at mother care
Love Aimee

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