Thursday 25 April 2013

Herbalife update and soup & bars review

Hello lovelies.

Well it's been over a month and I'm sure your all dying to see how I have got on.
I. Stuck to the plan and have lost 1stone 4lbs. I'm over the moon. My loss has started to slow which is normal and keeps weight loss at a safe rate.

Iv also had the pleasure of trying the herbalife tomato soup. It's a healthy snack you have in between meals to keep you on the straight and narrow as well as the lemon protein bars.

Never had protein bars before so was a little worried on how they would taste but they are really yummy. I have so far been really impressed and already choosing my next bits to get.

The soup was tomato and actually very tasting I was a little worried that it would have a tang to it but not at all and really hit the spot when you need that little something extra to keep you going. I am a herbalife convert and I'm site if you have it a go you would be too.

I have so much energy, I don't have any spots. I feel healthy and most of all I know I will reach my goal. I'm teaming it with exercise when I can fit it in.

Change your life today.

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