Tuesday 9 April 2013

Baby on the way check out Littlewoods for the essentials

As you may know I just had a little girl called autumn She is now 10 weeks old.
Getting ready for her was a little bit of a challenge, Especially when I didn't know where to start.
It was exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time, Will I have everything I need? Will I be prepared? These are the questions I kept asking myself.
So bellow are you tips to help you if you're having a baby, to get yourself and your home ready.
1. Practicality
I sat down one evening and worked out if i had everything I needed To make my life little bit easier when autumn arrived. I can honestly say I've never done so many loads of washing ever. I went from 2 loads a week to one almost every day who knew someone so little could create so much Washing ay?
So your going to need a good reliable washing machine to keep you going !
Beko washing machines would be a great emplacement for your if its looking a little ragged,  because you will defiantly know if your washing machine stops working and your pile backs up ! Don't forget you will need bottle warmers, nappy bins,  cots and more to get you started there is so much your going to need. Oh and cooking forget it I recommend a microwave you will need it saves you so much time!
2. Safety.
Not something you have to worry about right away as little baby won't be out running around quite a while. But definitely had to be something I consider, Trying to baby proof once you one arrives is going to be a little bit more of a challenge than before they're here.  Time is a something you don't have much of once you have a baby. Sorry definitely Purchasing packs of soft  corners to make sure your little baby doesn't bump its head.
3. Stock up.
The scariest thing you'll do is be a parent,  Its unknown territory and stress is the last thing you want trust me.  Something I didn't do but really wish I had, make meals And freeze them, You will be in no mood to cook dinner when you have a new born. Lots of nappies are essential, and we had no tiny baby clothing and Autumn was so small she didn't fit new born so make sure you have a selection of sizes just in case!
I found to be a lifesaver it has everything you need to get ready for your little one and take away as much stress as possible, trust me you will want to enjoy your new arrival not worry your not prepared
Love Aimee.


  1. Look at her precious little face!!!! Congratulations!

  2. She's a little beauty! I just had my son in January :). These are great tips for parents-to-be, so helpful.