Tuesday 13 November 2012

My new Love!

Lady Gaga's perfume ... I LOVE IT
i dont often buy myself perfumes im a tricky little sucker when it comes to getting one that doesnt leave me smelling like a dog has had a wee on me or i ahve been rolling around some old garbage.
So when i tried the new fragrance by Gaga her self i was bowled over with it LOVE LOVE LOVE.
It lasts for ages so no need to re-apply every 5 minutes! we know what a pain the in butt that can be, and i think the bottle looks fab on my dressing table. The only down side is im using it every day which emans its going down fast.
have your tried the new black perfume?

1 comment :

  1. This really didn't suit me, I also kind of expected more I think which is probably why I didn't like it, because its by lady gaga, I expected the packaging and the scent to be over the top and I was just a little disappointed! Haha think I am the only one though xxx