Tuesday 20 November 2012

Gaia pure pregnancy belly butter

My biggest fear of pregnancy is stretch marks. I'm not a small girl by any means and do have a few sneaky buggers hanging about. However if I can avoid any more I will be more than pleased in fact I would probably do a little dance.
I have been sent this product to have a try of and of course only being 30 weeks pregnant I have 10 more weeks where the possibility of stretch marks could become a reality so I have been using it for the last week an although I won't know the end result just yet I will let you in on my thoughts about the product so far.
Packaging is cute it's pink which is a great colour and for the product the price point is pretty good too. I will come to it later however.

As it says on the tube it's pure, natural an organic. And Isn't just for your tummy, you can use it any where , where you can experience stretch marks like your lovely lady lumps, and your thighs all of which seam to get bigger during pregnancy.

They recommend using it twice a day during pregnancy and for 12 weeks after the birth.

It has a really light fragrance of natural oils and goes into the skin leaving it soft and amazingly not oily.


For a weeks worth of use I am really pleased with it, it's coverage, fragrance and feel. You don't need a huge amount to get a Good desired effect.

I would use it again and I would recommend it to any expecting friends.

It's £11.99 and available from

Thanks for reading

Love Aimee

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