Friday 23 November 2012

Latest in Beauty YOU advent calender

Every girl who loves beauty NEEDS this in her life. I am a big fan of latest in beauty and loved their monthly boxes before they were discontinued so this little gem is defiantly on my wish list.
For £59.95 with FREE delivery you could get this and have a gorgeous treat every day during the month of December.
If i wasn't expecting a baby and needing to buy nappies i would be ordering it RIGHT NOW!
The value of the goodies you get in it are worth over £200.
I don't really need to sing its praises as just looking at it does it for me, you wont be disappointed and its worth every penny..... now ladies i am off to sell my soul to get this bad boy wish me luck!
You can order yours here.....
Love Aimee


  1. There are far too many advent calendars I'm lusting after at the minute!!! They're all so tempting!