Thursday 22 September 2022

AD | Motorpoint on the road

 So I want to do a little follow up. Do you remember back in April I had the absolute pleasure of working with Motorpoint and going on an extended test drive with them? Check it out here. It was an incredible experience, and I absolutely adored the car and the staff were absolutely incredible. We are working together again and this time they have loaned me the perfect car for an extended family road trip to Cornwall to visit family for a family wedding.


Motorpoint helped us source the perfect car for our family. We need something to fit all six of us and all of our luggage!



We were loaned a silver Ford Galaxy seven-seater for our family Road trip. We had the car for four days and it was to be big enough to fit all our luggage, a double pushchair, and six members of family, two of which are in car seats. It was a really lovely experience. The Ford Galaxy had so much room in the back for all of our luggage it really took away all of the stress of packing.


The staff at our local Motorpoint Portsmouth are amazing. They really listened to us and took all of our needs into consideration when helping us find our perfect car. They were absolutely incredible in showing us how to use the car and all of its features.


The Ford Galaxy was so spacious. The inside was absolutely huge and perfect for our family. The car has an integrated map which we found extremely helpful to navigate on our way to and from Cornwall.


The middle row of seats all have iso-fix which is incredible. It means each seat was individual and really roomy. The seat at the very back in the boot was a really good size and Autumn sat in this one on the way to and from Cornwall.


Motorpoint have a price promise and the price is unbeatable. They do price matching daily making sure that you get the best available deal.


Because I am a content creator, I had this on an extended loan which I am forever grateful. It allowed me to be able to go and spend some quality time with my family whom I don’t get to see very often.


I did the brunt of the driving, which allowed Davin to sit in the back with the boys to keep them entertained on the journey.


I absolutely love this car, it was so spacious, nice and easy to drive, it had everything that we needed to ensure that we had a comfortable journey.


I honestly cannot recommend Motorpoint enough. If you’re in the market for a car head over to the website  or go to your local store and have a browse. 



Motorpoint Portsmouth 468 London Road Hilsea PO2 9RN

Visit the Motorpoint Portsmouth website here

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