Tuesday 31 March 2020

Keeping us sane in lock down

We are as a house hold keeping to routine as much as possible, mornings are the same, up early, breakfast, get dressed (we don’t lounge in pyjamas unless it’s a weekend) we start learning at 9am with Joe’s PE. We then move on to learning, using reading eggs and sheets from the school. We have some amazing learning books too that I will share over the coming weeks. 

I wear a foundation most days just to stop my slipping into a slump and that means a bra too. I know that my anxiety and mental health could become out of hand what with davin being at work of 13.5 hours a day now I need to keep myself as busy as possible. 

Iv started by clearing out. 

Week 1 was down stairs and although I didn’t finish it all in the week I did 95%. 

Week 2 - paining down stairs. We rent so sadly it’s just magnolia so I managed to get some industrial sized pain tubs free from Facebook market place last year so I’m using them. So far I’m on track. Today it the lounge.

Week 3 - sort upstairs this shouldn’t be too bad the hallway isn’t bad and the kids rooms should be quick. My room is the dumping ground so that’s what’s the worth. 

Week 4 - paint upstairs. Ashton’s room was done last year so. Just the others. 

Week 5 - sort the shed... this is going to be a HUGE job. 

What does lock down look like to you? 

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