Sunday 5 January 2020

EVENTS : Specsavers, Heard it through the grapevine [AD]

Could you imagine living your life suffering in silence with hearing loss? Sadly this is more common than you think!
Specsavers is trying to break the stigma around hearing loss and get the word out there to get your hearing tested.
Part of their campaign included hosting a small event and giving us a taster of what it would be like to be in a loudbustling environment, all while struggling to hear.

Upon arrival, we were greeted and told about what was in store for us that evening. Wwere to be fitted with a silicone based gel which was to be inserted into our ears to replicate what it would be like to lose 70% of our hearing. Our ears were checked first to ensure they were happy and healthy to go ahead. Once we were given the all clear, a protective sponge with a little piece of string was placed inside the ear to protect the drum from the silicone gel. Once in place, the blue silicone gel was squirted into the ear. It was the strangest feeling - as it was happening your hearing literally disappeared in a flash.


The process was repeated in the other ear and voilĂ  my world became muffled and distant, it was the most surreal feeling. Not only did I lose my hearing I also felt my confidence shrink and the way I conversed with people completely changed. I focused intently on their mouths to try and catch what was being said and I feared when they would talk but look away or cover their mouth with their hands. It meant I was missing half of what was being said and just found myself nodding with agreement.

Some voices I picked up easier than others and often found myself almost staring at the person I was talking to which can imagine was a little odd for them. When talking I couldn't be distracted, no looking around the room, checking my phone or glancing away just in case I missed something important they were saying.
What's interesting in this is how we should actually, in an ideal world, converse with each other.

While there, we were to listen to a Sommelier talk to us about the delightful wines we were sampling - well this was a complete challenge! Trying to lip read from across the room was difficult and meant missing key information about each carefully selected wine. At one point I had no idea what I was drinking other than it was a red wine.


I can honestly say that I couldn't ever imagine living my life day in and day out like that, it was exhausting to try and concentrate quite so much to hear and lip read. There is such a stigma around hearing loss and the aids to help you hear and there really shouldn't be.
Technology has come so far and hearing aids are so sleek and high-tech - the options are amazing. Don’t forget, hearing tests are FREE!

You do not have to suffer in silence. Head on over to or pop to your local store to get booked in with the audiologist.


  1. We don't realised how lucky we are, I have always said sign language should be taught at school instead of learning snippets of other languages. It should be taught from nursery level.

  2. I remember having my eyes tested with Specsavers and then they asked if they could also do my hearing, quite bizarre but helpful x

  3. It’s great that hearing testing is being made so easily available and yes it’s SO important!!!

  4. It's fantastic that you can get your hearing tested so easily now. Everyone always talks about regular eye tests but I've never really considered hearing tests before.
    C x

  5. I am worried that my hearing has gotten worse recently, and i shall be booking a test soon, i do for my eyes as i wear glasses but i didn't understand why i havent done my ears before, great post.

  6. I think I should book myself in for a hearing test. Never realised Specsavers did them for free

  7. It is great that specsavers offer this service now. My step-dad has to wear a hearing aid but you would never notice

  8. I think hearing loss is something which isn't spoken about enough even though it affects so many people. I had my hearing tested a few months back and although it all came back good it does worry me x

  9. I think this event is so important to highlight how hearing loss effects people. Brilliant that hearing tests are free.

  10. I love this. What an amazing campaign and for a really important reason and message about hearing loss

  11. What an amazing read, so well detailed.
    It really is an eye opener not realizing what you have until it’s gone. It’s great that specsavers offer these tests for free it’s so beneficial!
    Good job W


  12. I really need to get my hearing checked. I often find myself needing to turn up the volume on the tv and feel much more comfortable when I can see the person's mouth when they're talking.