Thursday 20 June 2019

PARENTING: Sunshine and Star Clothing

I have become a massive addict to hand made in the UK clothing, one of my favourite brands is Sunshine and Star, they have a fantastic collection of fabrics to choose from as well as many designs.

I opted for bummies, the are basically small shorts which are perfect to cover the nappy and are super cute on babies. the fabric choice was so hard there were so many I wanted to pick but settled on two different giraffe designs.

Mosaic giraffes on a mustard background, super soft material but its on the thicker side.

sunshine and star bummies giraffe

Giraffes on black fabric with mustard trims, thinner soft fabric.

sunshine and star bummies giraffe

prices for bummies start from £6.50

everything is hand made and turnaround is up to 4 weeks.

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