Tuesday, 2 July 2019

PARENTING: That's Not My Height Chart and Book

I popped into our local little book shop and spotted this little treasure, it is part of the "That's not my" collection. 

thats not my height chart and book

This comes in a box, inside is a height chart, stickers and book. Its a super cute collection must have and keepsake.
thats not my height chart and book

Plus it has a Giraffe on it! what else do you need?
I set it up in my kitchen straight away and could not wait to test it out on my eldest... Aka Big A (Autumn), she was super excited! 
slight over exaggeration, she did as she was asked in exchange for snacks.

I was super excited ( slight understatement), it is easy to use and set up, the chart works from floor level so no need to measure halfway up the wall and strategically place it (more than likely incorrectly).
thats not my height chart and book

it runs at around £9.99 which I think is a fab little price, it can be used for all the children so you can get your monies worth too!

thats not my height chart and book
Although I got it from an independent book store it can be found in most well known book shops (I expect) and it is available on Amazon (see the link below)

thats not my height chart and book

Do you love the That's not my book collection? what one is your favourite?

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