Wednesday 16 October 2019

[AD] TOYS: Thunderbirds Are Go New Toys

The excitement in my house is real when we heard all NEW thunder birds were hitting the screens again and that Bandai we’re releasing a whole new range of toys to match. 

They released the toys in time for Thunderbirds Day! What an amazing celebration. 

Growing up the Thunderbirds were always on the TV, my dad and brother was HUGE fans, so naturally I followed suite. 

I love the new collection of toys which are now available to buy and honest o had so much fun explaining them all to Autumn! She couldn’t wait to play with them! 

We received two action figures who are the mechanic and Virgil as well as the TB1 & TB3 motion vehicles and we completed the collection with the TB2 rescue motion vehicle. 

Also available to purchase is the TB4 rescue Vehicle. 

Playing and exiling these to Autumn Brought back so many happy memories of my childhood! I Adore thunderbirds and I honestly cannot wait for Autumn to be as big a fan as I am. 

To find out more about the collection check out

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